Advantages of a 5 Axis Machine

convert most 3 axis machines to 5 axis

Reduced Machining Time

By using a flat bottom endmill and maintaining perpendicularity to the complex surface you can step-over the full diameter of the cutter thereby dramatically reducing the required number of passes across a surface. The same principle applies to sidemilling of angled surfaces.

Compare Alternatives

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Improved Surface Finish

Using a flat bottom endmill to maintain perpendicularity to the complex surface can eliminate ribbing caused by ball-nose endmills.

Complex Geometry

Machine complex parts that are not otherwise possible, including holes required to be normal to a complex surface.

Reduce Tooling

Eliminate costly tooling and fixtures required to hold the work-piece in place.

Fully Automated

Eliminate manual millwork and handwork required to cleanup kellered surfaces.

Reduce Setups

Eliminate multiple setups required to re-position the work-piece at complex angles.

Increase Profit

Fewer competitors means a larger profit margin.